Speech Therapy

What is Expressive Language Disorder?

A person with the Expressive Language Disorder can understand the basic aspect of the language better than the way he can speak of it. In terms of the speech language therapy it can be said that the receptive language of the person is better than his expressive language.

Expressive language disorder is often a component of the developmental language delay. Sometimes expressive language disorders can also occur as a result of a head damage or a head injury which is called an acquired type.

The developmental type of the expressive language disorder is common in infants and children whereas the acquired type of the expressive language disorder is prevalent in the elderly people. Expressive language disorder can occur in children due to the poor mental development especially in the cases of mental retardation or autism.

Children who are suffering from the expressive language disorder are often found to be silent and isolated. They can understand the language spoken to them but they find it find it difficult to express the feelings in themselves.

Some children can be good in expressing smaller sentences but can run out of the sequence of words for expressing bigger statements. The expressive language disorder can be evident in the writing of the kids. The kids suffering from this disorder may find it hard in using the correct words especially for the written comprehension.

The children facing the developmental language disorders may reject the process of the learning completely. For them to carry on with process of learning they are in need of help and therapy.

Developmental language disorders do not pass away with time. A proper diagnosis is required along with constant support from the parents and the classroom teachers. A speech therapist can be of immense guidance to the kids who are suffering from the Expressive Language Disorder.

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