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What is meant by Developmental Apraxia of Speech?

Developmental Apraxia of speech is a kind of disorder that affects the children’s ability in pronouncing the words or the sounds. There has to be a proper alignment of the parts of the mouth, face lips and the jaw for the production of the right sounds and syllables.

In this form of disorder, the muscles in the mouth and the face region can be intact but they still can cause trouble in pronouncing the words. These muscles do not cause any hindrance in movements such as swallowing, chewing or coughing.

It can be a case of damage in the part of the brain that sends the signals to the muscles which are supposed to carry on with the work to be done. There may be a chance for the part of the brain to be involved with an accident or not developed totally.

Even if the child has a clear idea on what to speak, he/she may not be able to express it at that particular point of time. Sometimes the kid may have trouble in starting the speech or the sentence. Or even she/he may leave out many of the sounds altogether. This happens because the child is not in voluntarily control of sounds and pronunciation. And sometimes the same words can come from the child involuntarily, but when asked to speak consciously he/she may be out of words again.

What is the cause of Developmental Apraxia of Speech?
Most of the symptoms of the Developmental Apraxia of Speech arise due to neurological impairment in the children. It happens due to the malfunctioning of the brain. There are no references as to what causes the brain impairment. It may be due to an injury or improper development.

But the aspect of the Developmental Apraxia of Speech cannot be confined to a single or combination of factors. There is no particular reason as to what causes DAS.

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