Speech Therapy

Two Methods to Stop Stutterring

Almost every person goes through stuttering in one of phase of life or the other. The intensity of stuttering may vary from person to person. And the tips to follow on the ways to improve the speech of a person can seem to be endless. Some of the principles that work for one person may not be able to work for another. It is mostly about choosing the techniques that work for you.

Persons suffering from stuttering with lighter intensity, can always bank on these techniques and practise them thoroughly to get rid of stuttering.

Some of the tips to help people with the habit of stuttering can be outlined in the following ways:

  • Try to speak as slowly as possible:
  • One the reasons why people stutter unnecessarily is because of their desire to speak fast. Some persons are in a delusion that by speaking rapidly, they can get fluency. But it is a wrong method, the more faster a person tries to speak the more are the chances for him to stutter.

    One of the best methods for getting rid of the habit of stuttering is by speaking as slowly as possible. A slow speech can give you a better clarity of what you are speaking. A person can be conscious of his words while speaking slowly.

  • Try blowing the air out while speaking:
  • Breathing forms a major element in the process of speech therapy. It is very important for a person to practise some sort of breathing exercises to have a better breath control and improve the quality of speech. There are many methods or exercises of breathing. One can find them online or learn them at the nearest center. Here is one of the methods that can help a person to speak better.

    Whenever you are speaking, try to blow out the air along with the words. This process may take sometime to get acquainted with. But, blowing the air out along with the words increases the flow of your speech and also decreases the chances of stammering.

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