Speech Therapy

Most common speech therapy techniques

Different types of speech therapy techniques are evolved according to the needs and requirements of an individual. Each technique is catered in dealing with specific disorders a person is suffering from.

The main techniques in speech therapy can be classified in the following way:

  • Techniques dealing with the articulation of a person.
  • Techniques which help in shaping up the fluency of a person.
  • Techniques of resonance which help in dealing with the quality of sound in a person.

The techniques of articulation help a person to produce sounds which are clear and audible to the person hearing it. A person is asked to speak different sounds and is seen to it that it is done in the most clear way possible. This is supposed to be the best technique for a person who wants to practise with the articulation disorders.

Here the person is made to pronounce a set of words or syllables as clearly as possible.

The next technique is about the language intervention. Here the kids are put through a better understanding of the aspect of the language and the usage.

Fluency shaping techniques are helpful for person who suffer from stuttering. For people who often pause while speaking, these techniques can be of immense help.

Resonance techniques are useful in maintaining a correct volume and pitch while speaking.

There are certain physical hindrances that can cause a lot of difficulty in the speech. These hindrances can be corrected by doing some exercises known as the oral motor exercises. These exercises can help in the better coordination of the muscles in the mouth and the tongue region.

The types of techniques used for the speech therapy differs from person to person. There are some people who have problem with the pronunciation and some others who have trouble in the fluency aspect of the speech. However it is entirely on the speech therapist to prescribe the techniques useful for the person.

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