Speech Therapy

What is meant by Stroke Speech Therapy?

What is the significance of stroke therapy?
Sometimes when people meet with a stoke they tend to develop problems with speech. For some of the people who have trouble with speaking after a stroke, stroke speech therapy plays an important role.

Normally,people who experience a stroke have paralysed movements of the muscles in the body. And the muscles paralysed in the mouth region can cause problems in speech. These muscles have to be given stroke speech therapy sessions as soon as one can, to get better results.

When is a person eligible for Stroke Speech therapy?

Once the person is in a stable condition after the stroke, he/she is eligible to be given the stroke therapy sessions. Pediatric and adult stroke therapy are given depending on the need and emergency of the hour. The stroke therapy sessions for the adults and the children may vary, the approach of the therapy sessions are done according to the age.

A stroke can cause damage to some parts of the brain. Some of the victims experiencing stroke suffer from aphasia which is a condition caused due to brain damage. Some of the victims of a stroke may not be able to speak due to the loss of muscle coordination in the regions of the mouth and throat.

Here, a speech pathologist may be able to diagnose the right cause for the speech impairment and give him/her the required therapy for restoring their speech.

How long does it take for recovery?

The recovery of a patient entirely depends on the severity of the stroke. Some people with a lighter stroke may be able to recover faster than those with a severe one. The sudden problems created in speech after the stroke can cause a lot of frustration in an individual. Sometimes the therapists may find in their patients an immense amount of anger and frustration during the therapy sessions.

A speech pathologist must keep his/her cool during the therapy sessions and act towards their patients in the most compassionate way possible.

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