Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy: Facts You Should Know about Stammering

What facts do you know about speech therapy? Do you know how many Americans stutter or stammer? There are so many famous people of the world who stutter, do you know some of them?

Inside this article, we give you some facts related to speech therapy. Hopefully, you will gather valuable knowledge by reading this article.

We wish you a very happy learning!

How Many Facts Do You Know?

  • More than three million US citizens stammer.
  • Stuttering/stammering affects men three to four times higher more than women.
  • People who stammer are as normal and intelligent as non-stammerers.
  • Apart from long-time of research and study about the cause of stammering, there is still no clear and stark answer to the problem. Nonetheless, these studies revealed the factors that contribute positively in the area of child development, genetics, family dynamics and neurophysiology.
  • Based on the results of research, a better and effective treatment to prevent stammering in young children has been developed.
  • People who stammer usually have strong self-consciousness about their stammering. Hence, they frequently let their disability control the vocation they choose.
  • Speech therapy is not a one night process. There is no instant miracle to cure stammering.
  • Among teenagers, stammering becomes a daunting problem affecting social interaction and dating.
  • A qualified Speech-Language Pathologist (speech therapist) is able to help children, teenagers, young adults, older adults and the elderly to develop a significant improvement towards fluency.
  • Who are famous people with stutter problem? You can read some of them in the following list:
    • Marilyn Monroe
    • Sir Winston Churchill
    • King George VI
    • Lewis Carroll
    • James Earl Jones
    • John Updike
    • Bob Love
    • Ken Venturi
    • Carly Simon
    • Robert Merrill
    • Nicholas Brendon
    • Mel Tillis
    • Bill Walton
    • Annie Glenn
    • Kenyon Martin
    • John Stossel
    • And many more

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