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Speech Therapy: Difficulties with Language

As a continuation from our previous article, now we provide an article about difficulties with language and other related subjects to speech therapy.

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Difficulties with Language
Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) has to face another problem in speech therapy, difficulties with language. It relates with the ability to understand what other people speak as well as onea��s ability to express ideas, feeling and thoughts to others.

People who difficulty or less ability to understand the meaning of what other people say are having language problems. People who have difficulty to develop the use of words and sentences to express their intention to others are also having language problems.

You have language problems when you have difficulties or problems to put the correct words in sentences, or hard to understand grammar rules and word order.

In several cases of language problems, some people seem understand enough words and sentences, unfortunately they are unable to use their knowledge in a live communication with other people. It seems they cannot get into the social rules of communicating. Other people with this problem seem has no desire to communicate completely.

Receptive and Expressive Language
You might have noticed a report talked about a�?receptivea�? and a�?expressivea�? language if you or someone you know has been evaluated for speech and language problems. The meaning of these terms is the understanding and use of language.

Receptive language means the understanding of language. You should be able to interpret what other people say to you. You should understand the meaning of every word and know the delivered message within a sentence, for example you know whether people ask you a question or order you to do something.

Expressive language related to onea��s ability to express himself/herself with proper vocabulary and sentences. Understanding about social rules of communication, how to use appropriate language with different people and in different circumstances also a part of expressive language.

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