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Qualifications of a Speech Language Pathologist

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Points of Focus

  • Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) is a person who has learnt about speech and language development, the diseases and other related causes, i.e. hearing impairment which affects an individuala��s development of speech and language.
  • SLPs must have Master degree in Speech-Language Pathology. This degree has to be fulfilled by 30 to 60 degrees taken above the college degree.
  • An SLP during his/her study must take internships that enable him/her to start the practice of speech therapy under the surveillance of a certified therapist.
  • After completing the study, an SLP should be supervised for nine months during his/her employment.
  • After completing the supervision during his/her work, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) awards the SLP a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC).
  • An SLP must have a license for the state where he/she intends to practice.
  • An SLP must fulfill several requirements to have a license in New York State. An SLP is also have to participate in ongoing educational experiences in the related field once he/she obtain the state license of New York in order to keep the license exists.
  • An SLP who wants to practice in a school or preschool with New York State area must possess certification as a Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped (TSHH).

As you can read from the qualifications above, an SLP has gone through long process to obtain his/her skills. Therefore, an SLP can help kids, adolescents, young adults and older adults to cope with speech difficulties and provide the appropriate treatment.

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