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Voice Therapy: What is It?

Have you heard about voice therapy? Do you know what voice therapy is? If you do not know yet, we will help you to answer these answers through this article.

The structure of this article is as follows:

  • Definition of Voice Therapy
  • Voice Recovery
  • Components of Voice Therapy
  • Success factors of Voice Therapy

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Definition of Voice Therapy
What is voice therapy? Voice therapy is a part of speech and language therapy. Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is the person who provides speech and language therapy (together with voice therapy).

Speech and language therapy (together with voice therapy) is meant to cure a wide range of communication disorders.

Voice Recovery
The main purpose of voice therapy is to recover or rehabilitate the patienta��s voice. The therapy will treat the patienta��s voice to a certain level which enables him/her to satisfy his/her speech communication needs or the daily voice.

Components of Voice Therapy
Components a voice therapy is as follows:

  • Studying about how the voice works and the voice can be damaged / injured
  • As a program of a daily voice care, the patient will have vocal hygiene
  • Exercises for vocal and/or respiratory
  • Home practice

Success Factors
Similar as other treatment, there are factors to be measured as the indicator of success. The factors are as follows:

  • Recent medical diagnosis
  • Appropriate functional assessment of voice usage
  • The speech therapist knowledge and ability
  • Patient compliance

During this therapy, the patient should eliminate all negative vocal behavior in order to ensure positive result.
Now, how good Is your understanding about voice therapy? If you want further information about voice therapy, we will write it in the upcoming article.

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