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Possible Causes of Dyslexia

Do you know what the causes of dyslexia are? Keep reading this article in order to get the answer.

This article is the second part of dyslexia series. In the first article, we had written about general knowledge of dyslexia, especially about the definition. As we have promised, we will now write about the possible causes of dyslexia.

Through this article, expectantly you will acquire beneficial information about dyslexia.

We wish you a very happy learning!

What are the causes of dyslexia?
The causes of dyslexia can be answered in many ways. Here are some of the most possible answers as response to the complex question:

  • People with dyslexia have a distinctive brain. Based on many researches about dyslexia, the differences with the ordinary brains can be seen in the anatomy, functioning and organization.
  • There are opinion say that people with dyslexia are likely to use their right brain more often or a�?right brain thinkersa�?. In a matter of fact, the right hemisphere of the brain is related with creative, lateral and visual thought processes.
  • These differences of neurological influence dyslexic people in the way they think and learn. For this reason, dyslexic people have a configuration of cognitive abilities that exhibit fields of strengths and weaknesses.

When these differences are not identified carefully, they can create problem for the sufferers in the systems of cultural, educational and work that based on the way of non-dyslexic people think and learn. If these differences are managed effectively, they can be a valuable asset and advantage, especially in the environment where a range of approaches, methods and strengths can be appreciated.

Dyslexia has no relation with intelligence. Dyslexia is not about difficulties to spell, read and write fluently.

Dyslexia describes about differences of an individual compared with others throughout their life. Therefore, if you are a dyslexic, having a deep understanding about dyslexia is very beneficial in individual and general sense since you are the one who should control your life and not others.

Do you want to know about the brain differences in people with dyslexia? We will write the answers in the upcoming article.

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