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Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties

What do you know about the relation between dyslexia and reading difficulties? If you are our regular reader, you should have known about this topic. However, we will give specific answers related to the question in this article.

This article is written as the fourth part of dyslexia series. Before we continue to the main topic, how much have you known now about dyslexia? Have a discussion with others would be helpful to enhance your understanding about it.

Hopefully, you will acquire valuable information from this article.

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Dyslexic people are closely related with inability to read fluently. If you have dyslexia, probably you have these difficulties:

  • Misread familiar phrases or words
  • Have difficulty to remember new vocabularies and this problem lead to difficulty to read
  • Have difficulty to focus on the page. While dyslexic people reading, the page look distorted, therefore require high demand of concentration and effort. This action will be very tiring
  • Forget the place of reading and have to start again
  • Find the reading is erroneous. Possibly dyslexic people add words or miss them out
  • Have difficulties to remember what you have read
  • Read in slow speed and feel that reading is very time consuming
  • Have to read something a lot of times in order to understand what it means or to make sense of it

These difficulties above have no relation with lack of practice or lack of understanding about the reading. They are more related to the cognitive characteristics of dyslexia. More specifically, this problem related to:

  • Visual memory
  • Short-term memory

Reading process involves the ability to match the written symbols with the matching sounds. For dyslexic people who have problem with their short-term memory will find this task as very stressful. In some cases, people with dyslexia have more difficulty to read text which is printed on bright white paper.

In the next article, we will provide you with information about writing difficulty in dyslexic people.

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