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Dyslexia Writing Difficulties

Do you know about the relation between dyslexia and writing difficulties? If you are our regular reader, you should have known about this topic. Nevertheless, we will provide detailed answers in relation to the question above.

This article is written as the fifth part and also the last part of dyslexia series. Since we are now entering the last part, how good is you knowledge about dyslexia at the moment? Share your knowledge about dyslexia with others in order to strengthen your understanding.

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People with dyslexia may experience difficulties with writing. If you are a dyslexic person, perhaps you have the following problems:

  • Spelling become a very difficult task for you, especially when you have to spell small words
  • Try to express yourself correctly in writing is a very stressful task
  • To make a structured and organized writing is a very difficult work
  • Have difficulty to understand and make sense of your own writing
  • Try to write as fast as possible in order to avoid of losing ideas or thoughts
  • Make so many drafts
  • Miss words out or confuse words
  • Spell words just like what they sound

Most dyslexic people will experience a higher problem when they want to continue their study to higher education. There, their tutor usually will refer them to a dyslexia specialist.

Dyslexic people have writing problem because writing skills are related with important cognitive characteristics, short-term memory and visual processing.

Dyslexic people will be notified when they are asked develop their reading skills in more complex pieces. At this point, they should seek help to develop new ways and strategies of learning, especially writing.

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