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Interventions for Dyscalculia on Further and Higher Education

How good are the interventions for dyscalculia on further and higher educations? What kinds of support will dyscalculic students? This article would try to give the best explanation of these questions.

This article is written as the fifth part and the last part of dyscalculia series. Still related with the previous article, we will now focus on the explanation about interventions for dyscalculia on further and higher education.

Optimistically, you will derive beneficial information about dyscalculia, especially interventions for dyscalculia on further and higher education.

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Interventions for Dyscalculia on further and higher education (study case in the United Kingdom)
What kind of support will dyscalculic people receive when they want to go into higher education? Will they receive a good support from the government, just like what their companions in primary school have received?

Regrettably, the answer would be little support. Dyscalculic people still receive smaller support and attention from the government and educational institution compared to those of dyslexic people.

Even if there is a support and provision, it will be vary considerably depending on the institution. The things that have given a higher hope is the increasing concern to dyscalculic people, although still relatively small.

In further educations, institutions receive funds in a bid to support dyscaculic students and others who have associated disabilities. Higher education institutions also receive grant to support recruitment and retention of disable students.

For this reason, higher education students may apply for a a�?Disabled Studentsa�� Allowancea�? to afford resources.

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