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Dyscalculia Issues

What do you know about the issues related to dyscalculia? If you are a dyscalculic person, it would be better for you to know about the issues related in a bid to help you cope better with it.

In this article, we will provide you with information about issues of dyslexia, especially about the research and how to distinguish dyscalculia from low mathematics ability.

To help you in understanding this article, it is structured as follows:

  • Research on dyscalculia
  • How to distinguish dyscalculia from low mathematic ability

Hopefully, you will acquire valuable information about dyscalculia through this article.

We wish you a very happy learning!

Research on Dyscalculia
Research on dyscalculia is still relatively at an early phase. Therefore, compared to dyslexia, dyscalculia still has very small number of related guidelines as well as strategies. Therefore, further studies or researches would allow in giving more information on the effectiveness of interventions.

In relation with the studies and as references, here are some examples of dyslexic childrena��s responses to numeracy lessons. Words like, a�?I would crya�?, a�?I feel like screaminga�?, a�?It makes me feel left out sometimesa�?, a�?I wona��t have to do any matha�? were dominating the conversation with dyscalculic children of eight and nine-year-old.

How to distinguish dyscalculia from low mathematic ability
There is a question arisen from experts, a�?How to differentiate dyscalculic people from others who have low maths ability?a�?

A differentiation is very important because people with dyscalculia have to learn about simple number concepts that other people (people with low math ability are also included) take for granted.

Some researchers recommend that dyslexic children should learn about numeracy lessons in personalized teaching.

In the end, any kind of studies about dyscalculia which is meant to help dyscalculic people would be very helpful, especially for them who suffer with severe dyscalculia.

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