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What are the Factors that Influence Language Development?

According to you, what are the factors that influence language development? Furthermore, how important are their role in the education and human development?

In early childhood, learning to talk is one of the most compulsory achievements. With their magnificent brain development, toddlers will move from diffident single words into smooth sentences. These toddlers will also be able to groom their vocabulary knowledge from small one to many new words within a day without explicit teaching and in a matter of months.

By learning new languages, new opportunities of social understanding will be opened. New language tools would also mean new chances of learning about the world, sharing needs, experiences and pleasures.
In this article, we will present you with information about factors that influence language development. The information given will be divided into several articles.

Optimistically, you will acquire beneficial information about factors of language development through this article.

We wish you a very happy learning!

Language learning in children
Majority of children will begin to speak in the beginning of their second year and they are two-year-old, these children tend to know minimum 50 words and know how to combine these words in short sentence.

When the vocabulary knowledge reaches approximately 200 words, the levels of word learning would increase significantly as well as grammatical function words, in example articles and propositions will exhibit some consistency.

During preschool time, the complexity of sentence patterns will increase and vocabulary diversifies to relational terms which show notions of quantity, size, time and location.

Between the ages of four to six, majority of children have acquired basic grammar knowledge in a sentence. From here, they will learn how to use language in a more effective and efficient way. They will also learn how to create, maintain and enhance larger language units like narrative or conversation.

Factors that Influence Language Development
Then, what are the factors involved in the course of language development?
There are at least five factors contribute to the development of language. These factors are as follow:

  • Social
  • Perceptual
  • Cognitive processing
  • Conceptual
  • Linguistic

In each domain, theorists have different opinion about the stress and degree of determination postulated. Nevertheless, most of them agreed that each factor is significant.

In the next articles, we will explain further about these factors.

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