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Autism Facts That You Ought To Know

Autism is a disorder that is picked up at a very early age of three. People who suffer from autism often perform repetitive actions, repeat their speech often and also do not socialise well enough. The exact cause of autism is still unknown. It has only been understood that certain neurological processing in the brain is affected.

Let us look at a few autism facts that you ought to know.

Autism Facts That You Ought To Know: Parents and the close relatives of an autistic patient would understand the difficulties of an autistic patient. But, what about persons unaware of the autism disorders. They may find autism sufferers unusual and failing to recognise their disorder would lead to unforeseen consequences.

So, let us try to understand a few facts and symptoms of autism.

  • Autism is called a spectrum disorder. Meaning, people suffering from autism are either very autistic or mildly autistic. The intellectual capabilities of autistic patients can vary from person to person. They might be either very intelligent or too dull. But on a common note, autistic patients do not prefer socialising.
  • The most common form of autism is Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). People suffering from AS are usually very intelligent and do not have any problems with speech. While in other forms of autism there is always a speech delay.
  • Autism sufferers show varying characteristics. It is not known why, but not necessarily do all autism sufferers have common symptoms. They vary from person to person. A particular patient might just go on chatting while another might be utterly quiet.
  • Autism has no cure. Unfortunately, people suffering from autism can only be taught to cope with their difficulties and there is no permanent cure to their problem. Therapists work with autistic patients to improve their socialising and speech skills.
  • Autistic people are unique. Never take an autistic person to be mentally retarded. This is absolutely a false notion. People who suffer from autism are known to possess high mathematical and scientific intellectual. In fact many famous personalities like Newton and Einstein were found to be autistic.

Autism facts that you ought to know is an attempt to throw light on the uniqueness of autistic people.

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