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Pros and Cons of Special Schools for Autistic Children

Choosing a school for an autistic child can be very difficult. The characteristics of children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder are so wide in range, that it is impossible for schools to follow a particular pattern of education for all autistic children.

But, the need for special schools for autistic children is being recognised and many institutions are now wide spread across America and other parts of the world.

Schools for Autistic Children: It is not always possible that an autistic child can get to study in a private school amidst normal children.

  • The reason for this being, there is no legal obligation for the schools to admit an autistic child no matter what. A private school has the right to deny admission to such a child.
  • At the same time, there are other special schools for autistic children to go to depending on the level of autism the child is suffering from (mild/ moderate/ severe).

Pros and Cons of Special Schools: It is very nice that a few institutions like the Heartspring School, Wichita, Kansas exist for autistic children that provide the required skills and education for an autistic child. Let us consider the pros and cons of such institutions.

  • It is a fact that not all autistic children can blend into a normal school’s environment. An autistic child could face the wrath of his peers and this could become unbearable and cause frustration in the kid leading to a breakdown.
  • For such children, special schools like the one mentioned above would take extreme care and they even possess housing facilities for them enabling a complete focus.
  • Also, the intellect of autistic children can vary from being highly functional to non-functional and normal schools would not be able to cater to such children as the teachers wouldn’t be well versed with the needs of such children.
  • Special schools have been set up for this very purpose and the necessary skills that a child needs to develop is taken care of. Also, there are various types of speech therapies and behavioural therapies available for children at these schools.
  • The most important problem that many autistic children face is socialising. Special schools would ensure that the necessary skills that a child needs to develop in order overcome this fear are developed.
  • Apart from all the good special schools deliver, there is one thing an autistic child would definitely miss. He/she would always only be dwelling amidst various other autistic children and would be missing the normal activities of a regular school.
  • Also, the fees these special schools charge could be enormously high taking them out of reach for many working class people.

Schools for autistic children need to exist in order to ensure a progressive development of an autistic child.

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