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Are Leaky Gut Syndrome and Autism Related?

Studies suggest that, out of every 10,000 people in North America, at least 5 individuals suffer from autism while at least 15 are diagnosed with autism related disorders. It can so happen that an infant with a normal birth might develop autism once he turns a toddler. The reason for autism is still a mystery to researchers.

But, a few causes like genetics, vaccination, environmental toxins, food sensitivities and leaky gut syndrome have been attributed to the cause of autism.

Leaky Gut Syndrome: In patients suffering from leaky gut syndrome, the permeability (the rate at which liquids flow through a vascular or porous material) of the intestinal tracts is affected resulting in a leaky gut. A leaky gut actually means that the unwanted molecules that are usually stopped by the intestines are allowed to leak into the them due to the alteration in the gut. Later these bodies are treated as a foreign threat leading to a auto immune response. Hence the name, leaky gut syndrome.

  • It has been observed that many autistic children suffer from a leaky gut or may be it is due to the leaky gut that autism is caused. The reasons for leaky gut syndrome in autistic children can be a viral or yeast infection. Also, may autistic children are known to have weak intestinal tracts which might lead to the leakage of unwanted molecules into the intestines.

Food Sensitivities in Autistic Children: Children suffering from autism often suffer from high food sensitivity i.e., most foods that are considered harmless for normal children might cause severe reactions in autistic children.

  • Foods that constitute grains such as oats, rye or wheat, dairy products, refined sugars, chocolate, caffeine, citrus fruits and colouring are usually the ones that autistic children are highly sensitive to. These food items involve a lot of protein that would inflame the leaky gut.
  • It is tough though to relate a particular food as sensitive to the child. Hence, many parents often follow a gluten free diet for their autistic children. But, it is important to know which foods are allergic and which are not. This can only be known in the due course of time.
  • Food substitutes like multi liquid-vitamins, fish oils and acidophilus are especially very important for children suffering from autism to maintain an intact digestion process.

It is still not known exactly if leaky gut syndrome causes autism or autistic children tend to suffer from a leaky gut. But the answer to the question, ” are leaky gut syndrome and autism related?” has to be a yes.

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  1. This condition occurs when your intestinal lining becomes weakened and harmful substances are allowed to leak directly into your bloodstream.