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Famous People With Asperger’s

The main cause of Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and autism related disorders to date remain unknown. But Hans Asperger, the person who discovered this syndrome and after whom the very is named, in 1944 understood that this syndrome was more related to genetics and nerves and was not at all caused by environmental or psychological elements. AS leads to a lack of proper communication, social inactivity et., but the brain compensates for these drawbacks by usually providing a high intellect.

Most famous people with Asperger’s belong to various fields like science, math, politics, films et.

Famous People With Asperger’s: Let us look at various well known and famous personalities with AS, who belonged to various stratas and fields, yet carved their name in history as the best minds.

Science: A few famous personalities in science who were believed to suffer from AS are Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin.

  • Einstein was not a fluent speaker at the age of nine (an associated symptom of AS) and his parents were scared that he would become a retard.
  • Sir Isaac Newton is known to be a school drop out (lack of social understanding and fear of illogical rules).
  • Even Benjamin Franklin, was an Aspie and for this very reason he was not entrusted with the responsibility of furnishing the Declaration of Independence.

Politics: Similarly in politics, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Abraham Lincoln, et. are supposed to be Aspies.

  • Napoleon had a particular interest in the fields of Science and Math and encouraged scholars belonging to those fields while he was very sceptical about including humanists. He considered humanists as troublemakers. Napoleon would also not wear his shoes as he had a difficulty putting them on.
  • George Washington was known to medicate himself in order to soothe his restlessness. He was very poor at money management (another common trait of Aspies).
  • Abraham Lincoln supposedly suffered nervous breakdowns before becoming the President (often nervous autism is misdiagnosed with other nervous problems).

Apart from the above mentioned greats of history other famous people with Asperger’s are Leonardo Da Vinci, Henry Ford, Quincy Adams, Beethoven, Socrates, Alfred Hitchcock, Marilyn Monroe, Robin Williams, Bill Gates et. are known have suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome.

P.S. The reason for having only one women among the famous Aspies list is because of under diagnosis.

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  1. Another famous person who probably had Asperger’s was Russian-American author Ayn Rand:
    Google “Ayn Rand” + “Asperger” for some of the evidence.