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Why Does Asperger's in Women Remain Undiagnosed?

For every 15 male cases of diagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), there only seems to be 1 female proportionately diagnosed. Statistics reveal that almost 80 percent of autism spectrum disorders including AS are known to be diagnosed in boys. This is the very reason autism has been mostly attributed to boys than women. But,ironically women do suffer from AS and this remains undiagnosed for a very long time.

So, why does Asperger’s in women remain undiagnosed?

Asperger’s in Women: Most symptoms and traits of autism related disorders like, social inactivity, high mathematical intellect, communication difficulties et., have been mostly seen in men suffering from AS. But, a very important thing to notice when it comes to women,is whether they exhibit the same traits as evidently as men or do they have a set of different diagnostics.

  • For many a reasons, symptoms of Asperger’s in women are wrongly understood as either eating disorders or various other ailments. Not just doctors but even parents are left clueless about a developing Asperger’s in their female child.
  • Of late it has been understood there are a growing number of cases of Asperger’s in in women who are either diagnosed in their adolescence or in their adulthood. So, researchers have considered to look at more tell-tale signs that can help recognise AS in women.

Reason for Misdiagnosing: The most noticeable traits of autism like communication difficulties, social inactivity that are observed in boys are rarely observed in autistic women.

  • In fact, women tend to have no speech problems whatsoever when they possess unimaginably higher IQ when compared to normal females. Also, women with AS are socially very interactive, though they would tend to find the social rules complex to contemplate. Even the much observed language delay common among autistic boys is not to be observed in females.
  • Most traits of autism in boys are noticed at a very early stage in boys (18 months). But,in women the tell-tale signs are not so evident leading both doctors and parents towards contemplating other disorders rather than considering autism.

AS in women, if diagnosed is only possible in their adolescence or their adulthood while boys can be diagnosed at an early age of either 5-6. So, if you were wondering why does Asperger’s in women remain undiagnosed, you must have understood by now.

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