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Selective Carbohydrate Diet for Autistic Children

Studies have revealed that leaky gut syndrome can also be a potential cause of autism in children. Any form of bacteria or yeast that might exist in the gut could potentially damage the lining of the gut allowing the intestinal fluids to be infused in to blood stream. This could actually have an adverse affect on the brain leading to behavioral problems. In the case of autistic children this could prove to be even more serious.

Thus, a selective carbohydrate diet is necessary to reduce the formation of unwanted bacteria and yeast in the gut.

Selective Carbohydrate Diet (SCD): SCD works on a very naive principle, which is, denying diet that nourishes gut residing bacteria and yeast could potentially decrease the unwanted organism in the blood stream. This would cleanse the gastrointestinal tract which in turn would improve gut integrity and immunity.

  • Starch and gluten free diet is suggested for autistic children. This diet could eventually reduce constipation and diarrhoea in autistic children and also reduce certain food allergies. Over a period of time you would also begin to notice improvements in the behaviour as well.
  • SCD ensures that the gut related disorders which are hugely influenced by the unwanted bacteria and yeast are not fed. SCD can include foods like meat, fish, vegetables, eggs and fruits.

Advantages of SCD: Many parents of autistic children have expressed satisfaction about the use of SCD. The changes and developments in their children have been encouraging. Let us look at a few advantages.

  • Firstly, the food intolerances that autistic children are prone to can be reduced upon following the diet for about a year. Parents can slowly re-introduce the allergic foods back into their children’s diet slowly.
  • Also, the meal intake of autistic children is bound to improve due to the absence of unwanted starch in the SCD. Thus, a more healthy diet is allowed improving the gut function.
  • Most importantly, SCD can ensure within a month that the autistic child’s behaviour such as eye contact, sleep and associated cognitive developments are improved tremendously.

Selective carbohydrate diet for autistic children if strictly followed is very helpful in rapidly improving their behavioral skills .

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