Speech Therapy

Diagnosing and Curing Hypernasality

Many speech disorders are either congenital or the resultant of a brain damage. But, speech disorders with respect to hypernasality are caused due to speech organs deficiency. Hypernasality effects the mechanism of velopharyngeal. Velopharyngeal takes care of the sound and air transmission in the oral and nasal cavities. The deficiency in velopharyngeal would cause velopharyngeal insufficiency.

Thus, diagnosing and curing hypernasality at an early stage is a must.

Diagnosing and Curing Hypernasality: The only cure available for hypernasality is a surgery. But, the process of diagnosing hypernasality is a bit complex. Let us look into it.

  • One of the primary causes of hypernasality in young children is a cleft palate. Treating a cleft palate with a surgery as quickly as possible is necessary to avoid permanent speech problems.
  • Children with hypernasality often have a problem in pronouncing the consonants-k, p and t. If you observe such difficulty, seeing a specialist for advice is a must.
  • Snorting while making ch or s sounds and air escaping through the nose are a few signs of hypernasality.
  • Hypernasality can also be caused due to paralysis to the face or jaw muscles. Apparent weak muscles or movement lacking are also definite signs of hypernasality. Weak muscles could also lead problems while swallowing.
  • Speech impairment or problems after a while are accompanied by hearing loss. If you observe that the child is not responding when called out to or lacking attentiveness, visit a specialist immediately.
  • Also, it can be helpful knowing if the child’s blood relations like parents or brothers and sisters suffer from hypernasality. Sometimes, the child would only imitate others and would not be suffering from any problem.

Diagnosing and curing hypernasality are not easy tasks. Only upon repeated testing, there can be a confirmation of the problem. Even the apparatus required for diagnosis is complex and after enough evidence related to the existing problem is found, only then would the doctors go for a surgery.

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