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Vocal Cord Cancer and Voice Restoration

Voice restoration in people affected with vocal cord cancer can be really tough. This is because, radiotherapy or a surgery has to be performed on the larynx in order to treat the cancer. In this process, a person’s voice quality could be damaged beyond cure. But, a new treatment, called the pulsed laser treatment can effectively restore the voice, post treatment.

Pulsed Laser Treatment for Vocal Cord Cancer: Many vascular lesions and dysplasia related to the vocal cord have been treated in the past using lasers that targeted specific blood vessels. The same laser approach can be applied to people who suffer from cancer. Several Americans are diagnosed with cancer that potentially affects the vocal cord.

Pulsed laser treatment is a very useful option for treating patients who are diagnosed at a very early stage.

Potassium Titanyl Phosphate Laser: The potassium titanyl phosphate laser is the most effective laser to restore voice precisely with no damage whatsoever to the vocal cord. This laser consists of light at a particular wavelength that can target lesions in the vocal cord and remove them afflicting the least possible damage on it.

  • People treated with this laser can be rid of their ailment for a guaranteed 5 years period with absolutely no loss in the quality of their voice nor resulting in the removal of the vocal cord.
  • Also, the treatment places no restriction on other voice therapies.
  • There might be a few instances where the patients might have to undergo the laser treatment again to get rid of any existing residual disease.
  • Almost 90 percent of the people who are diagnosed early with cancer to the vocal cord can be effectively treated with the help of this laser.

Vocal cord cancer can potentially damage the vocal cord and any attempted surgery can have a disastrous effect on the voice quality. Potassium titanyl phosphate laser therapy, of late has been a safe and effective way to treat lesion in the vocal cord tissue.

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