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Possible Hoarse Voice Causes

The vocal cord and the larynx or the voice box are basically responsible for the human sound production. There can be several possibilities for the causes of hoarse voice. The major reason for hoarse voice causes is the obstruction caused either to the vocal cord or the voice box. The voice box helps in protecting the trachea, which if affected could damage sound production while the vocal cord in coordination with the voice box is responsible for pitch management.

Let us look at some of the causes.

Illnesses: Illnesses like flu, common cold and throat infection can easily affect voice production. Allergies, stroke and tonsillitis are also responsible for a hoarse voice. Apart from the most common illnesses, severe ailments such as, the Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and throat and lung cancer can also lead to grainy voices. It ultimately comes down to the illness that is causing the damaged voice.

External Sources: Often, puberty is the period when the voice begins to change. During this period, any adverse changes could result in a harsh voice. Also, excessive shouting, screaming, excessive throat clearing, singing and continual crying can also lead to a break in the voice. Apart from straining activities, external products such as tobacco and alcohol can also cause voice inconsistencies due to the irritation of the voice box.

Hoarse Voice Solutions: Any throat problem that is accompanied by the most common illnesses like the flu, common cold or throat infection would heal themselves in a short period of time. But to alleviate the irritation, it is necessary to follow a few soothing remedies.

  • Liquid intake is necessary for soothing the throat can bring relief to the problem. It is necessary to keep the body hydrated.
  • Proper resting of the voice is necessary to gradually lessen the strain.

Laryngitis larynx or the voice box inflammation) is the most common among hoarse voice causes. If the problem persists for too long, it is essential to see a doctor immediately. For a grainy or harsh voice could be the result of some life threatening diseases.

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