Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Materials

When you approach a speech language pathologist regarding your child’s speech problems, they have a routine of training programs and exercises that can help the child overcome his/her problems. Creating own and cheap speech therapy materials at home can also be useful for effectively training the child’s speech. The problem with many therapy materials is, they don’t come cheap. So, it is better to prepare such materials at home.

Speech Therapy Materials: Finding these therapy items and tactics has become easier thanks to the internet. These materials can be used for both kids who have speech related disorders and also for adults who would have suffered a trauma or stroke.

  • These therapy items are available in plenty and are not only helpful in aiding but also full of fun that would lead to interest in the therapy.
  • Many materials like board games, flash cards, tongue and facial exercises are the most used and useful ones.
  • Not only such games available over the net, but also exercises like sucking a straw, blowing bubbles et. that strengthen jaw muscles can also be practiced very easily at home.

Creating Therapy Materials: Parents or caretakers can use index cards of the size 3×5 inches or even make use of blank visiting cards.

  • These plain cards can be used to draw or write, there by helping kids and adults practice words and help them memorize. This can be a very economically friendly tactic that can be applied at home when the child is not at therapy sessions.
  • You can use mailing labels to draw pictures an write words and stick them to normal deck of cards. This way, you can create your own card game that children not only find interesting but is also very low at cost.
  • Also, you can use different sizes of these mailing labels (big, medium or small) to prioritize the training and articulation activities. For instance, you can use the larger labels to draw pictures while the smaller ones can be used to write words.
  • Not only that, but these mailing labels can be peeled off and a new one be stuck on to the same card again.

These speech therapy materials are just like home work for kids. The real class work is the training session of the speech language pathologist.

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