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Doing Vocal Exercises

All the singers and actors across the world need to train their voice before singing or for saying a dialogue. Non-exercising would not only lead to a bad output but also can affect the vocal cords of the singer. Vocal exercises are thus useful before preparing oneself for a singing routine. They not only help in maintaining the voice pitch, but also take care of the singer’s breath while in the act.

Vocal Exercises: Vocal exercises do not require huge apparatus or equipment for training the voice. A calm and peaceful environment should be enough. Let us look at a few useful exercises.

  • Try uttering the sounds le and la loudly in an Italian accent i.e, utter le as le but not lay-ee and utter la and not la-uh.
  • Try joining the sounds la and le into a single sound and utter the l sound for a shorter time while briskly moving the tongue.
  • Utter the vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u) prefixed by m. These sounds should be uttered in the following manner –

ma– as in father

me– as in gate

mi– as in machine

mo– as in more

mu– as in school

Practicing these exercises while trying to control the breath flow would improve the voice pitch and enunciation quiet effectively.

Care to be Taken: Any exercise that requires your voice  should be supervised. Proper assistance and advice is required for training. It is better not to practice if you have any of the following problems.

  • Never force the throat. Breath control inefficiency while singing can apply a lot of pressure on the throat. It is important for your diaphragm to work along with your throat rather than the latter alone.
  • Never practice with a sore throat. Aggravating a sore throat can have disastrous consequences on the voice for the rest of lifetime.
  • A proper order has to be maintained while practicing so as not to hurt your voice or throat.

Vocal exercises are very much useful for singers and actors. These are the people who use their voice excessively and extra care regarding voice should be taken.

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