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Occupational Therapy for Kids

Kids who suffer from various Autism Spectrum Disorders face a lot of developmental and physical disabilities. Occupational therapy for kids can help improve such ailments in and can help them adapt to a daily routine. This therapy is very useful in developing the motor skills, visual skills, perceptions and cognitive skills. Most of all, this therapy is instrumental in making these kids learn living a non-dependant life.

Occupational Therapy for Kids: Therapists work closely with children who suffer from various spectrum disorders and help them to improve the normal functioning abilities. Also, the use of assisting aids is taught to kids during the therapy. Not only the kids, but also the kids’ families are made aware of the training techniques in order to maintain an effective communication with the child.

Since kids enjoy play and fun, the therapy aims at training through fun activities. Especially for kids with spectrum disorders, the sensory skills can be improved through such gaming activities.

Activities for Kids: Let us look at a few activities that aim to improve the motor skills and sensory skills in kids.

  • Using white boards is a very good exercise for improving the wrist and shoulder movements. Hang a white board just above the eye level of the kid and ask him/her to practice writing and drawing on the board. This can help improve the motor skills that are very useful for writing. In case, hanging a board is not possible, you can tape papers or charts to walls and train.
  • Improving perceptions is also a very important part of the therapy. The child’s perception of movements like swirling, jumping, spinning the head et. can be trained through activities like merry-go-round or a rocking chair. This way the inner ear stimulation can be improved and the child’s perceptive skills can be tested and trained with respect to the movement of the head.
  • Creating body awareness is very important. The child should be able to understand the limitations and uses of his/her limbs. For this purpose, make the child carry weights. Small weights can be added to the kid’s pockets and can be asked to walk. Pushing and pulling heavy objects is also an effective training method.

The aim of occupational therapy for kids is to imbibe functional abilities and help the lead an independent life.

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