Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Software

Speech language pathologists try to improve the speech in people who suffer from autism spectrum disorders or post traumatic injuries through some exercises and specially formatted techniques. Speech therapy software uses these techniques along with an intelligent electronic medium to promote the therapy among sufferers. Any kind of problems like stuttering, stammering or sign language can be corrected through speech therapy.

The more the innovation in this field, the more the benefits for the sufferers.

Speech Therapy Software: This software can be primarily divided into three categories viz,

  • assisting
  • translational
  • instructional

These various softwares can be used with the help of computers that possess sound cards, microphones and speakers. They are very helpful when it comes to correcting speech related challenges and also improve the tone and diction of the user tremendously.

These softwares provide both visual and audio responses to the user enabling him/her to learn tongue placement, mouth shape et. The proper procedures and sounds are displayed and said aloud for the easy understanding of the user.

Instructional Software: This software is actually a kind of game for both adults and children.

  • For children, this software uses an array of bright colors along with interesting characters and interactive patterns to make it more interesting and engaging for children.
  • In the case of adults, there is also an element of humour and gaming involved. But, the difference would be in the complexity of situations which are more real time. There is also a possibility of interacting with other users of the software through internet.

Transitional Software: This kind of software is especially for people with progressive speech loss. This particular software aims at learning the user’s speech pattern, there by providing the necessary exercises for speech improvement. The software can build a database of the user’s sounds and words by itself. As the user is bound to lose his/her speech progressively, any non-clarity can be clarified through the software.

There are various softwares like Bungalow, Speechviewer III, Visual Voice Tools and Tiger’s Tale available in the market for use. Speech therapy software can be instrumental in providing a new means of training and also act as an assisting voice aid for people with progressive voice loss.

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