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Dealing With Spastic Dysarthria

People who suffer from brain strokes, cerebral palsy, tumours, multiple sclerosis or a brain injury have every chance of developing dysarthria- slow or slurred speech. Spastic dysarthria is one of the four particular forms of dysarthria in which a patient can either develop a too harsh tone which would sound too loud or a low tone which would make the patient’s voice inaudible.

Curing Spastic Dysarthria: This particular type of dysarthria can be easy to cure if recognised at a very early stage. If one particular person in a family possesses this disorder, it can very easily be detected because of the harsh voice characteristics. Hence cure would not be a problem.

  • As a matter of fact, this kind of dysarthria is very easy to cure if recognised at a very early age. This spastic form can be cured just with the use of speech therapy at this stage and no other treatment options would be necessary.
  • But, the problem with this disorder is the role it plays on the mind. For the speech therapy to work effectively, it is important that the patient possesses a positive attitude and strong will.
  • Also, it is important to keep in mind the importance of early diagnosis. Any mild form of this disorder can be cured and basic speech can be held intact with speech therapy.On the other hand, a severe form can obstruct the voice’s tone drastically causing the person to use communicative aids.
  • It is important to seek a doctor’s advice in case the problem is severe. A doctor can be helpful in controlling the drooling and control the sucking noises that accompany this disorder. Necessary treatment options and the success rates would also be determined by a doctor.

Dealing with patients suffering from spastic dysarthria can be both demanding and frightening. There are numerous support groups apart from doctors who can prove to be very helpful in tackling this condition. The bottom line is to stay positive in the mind, no matter what for enabling a successful treatment.

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