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Children With Communication Disorders-Misconceptions and Mistakes

According to several data resources available, almost 1 child out of 500 and 6 out of 1000 suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorders in the United states. Children with communication disorders and other speech disabilities suffer from autism or other related issues. Most parents fail to understand these problems early on, but the parents are not to be blamed for the lack of understanding.

It is important for parents to understand and keep away from any misconceptions and mistakes with regards to their child.

Mistakes and Misconceptions: Children with communication disorders often have to suffer for the rest of their lives due to many judgement errors made by parents. This is not intentional but just a lack of understanding about the seriousness of the disorder on the parent’s behalf.

Let us look at the some of the most common errors made by parents.

  • Waiting too long. It is understandable that the speech deficiencies in newborns are tough for parents to pick. But, there are certain developmental stages of speech that can help recognise any inabilities. It is important to understand these and if treated early, the more the chances of improvement in the child’s speech.
  • Seeking an amateur opinion. Most parents succumb to such improper advices and opinions. Parents can often follow the advice of a colleague or a neighbour, but bear in mind they are no professionals.
  • Fear of society. Parents fear that the society would not accept a child labelled retarded kindly into them. The fear for the child is reasonable, but the child is caused more harm by not properly training him/her.
  • Lack of knowledge. Especially young and first time parents would lack enough knowledge to spot any speech deficiencies or inabilities in their child. Only an outsider (usually teachers) who can spot the difference easily between normal speech and lack of normal speech. It is a must that parents react to such situations quickly.
  • Not seeking an expert’s opinion. Most parents due to lack of finances or some, just out of ignorance, fail to seek an expert’s opinion. They try to administer their own treatment and therapy. This may or may not work and in the process valuable time for treatment is lost.
  • Not following up the therapy techniques at home. It is important that all the parents make the child practice the exercises and training activities at home too. This only speeds up the process and brings the child closer to you.

Children with communication disorders can be treated fairly well if only parents can rid themselves of any kind of mistakes and misconceptions. Remember the earlier the therapy, the more the chances of betterment of speech.

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