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Autism Support Groups and Puzzlebuilder

Almost one child out of a 110 and one boy out of a seventy are affected in the United States by autism spectrum disorders. The biggest among the autism support groups in North America, ‘Autism Speaks’, an autism science organisation has launched a social networking fund raising campaign, Puzzlebuilder.

Puzzlebuilder: Most people in America are already members of the many existing autism support groups. The reason for this is the recognition of autism spectrum disorders as the most serious developmental disorder in the US that are increasing at a rapid rate.

  • Through puzzlebuilder people can upload photographs of their own in order to build digital puzzles. If not, they can borrow the pictures from their family members or buy the photographs of celebrities who are also a part of the campaign (which cost a mere 10$) to build puzzles.
  • The idea is to solve the biggest puzzle- autism. The benefits would be utilised by the organisation to fund further studies and research programs.
  • This campaign was launched on the 28 October, 2010 and is intended to run until the end of the year.

Social Networking and Autism Awareness: Groups that support autism awareness can only promote the affects of autism when a larger section of the people can aid in spreading the word around. Social networking sites like the facebook, which has at least 1 user out 14 people across the world can be useful for establishing this.

  • People can upload photos from their facebook accounts and build a digital puzzle using their photographs. The best part is celebrities like Sir Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Holly Robinson and Mitchell Musso are also a part of this campaign and fans can enjoy every bit of this activity alongside their idols.
  • Mitchell Musso, one of the most young talents who has signed up for this program has also asked kids across the country to take an active part in spreading autism awareness.

Being the most successful among many autism support groups, ‘Autism Speaks‘ is trying to let more and more people know that children who are easily prone to autism related developmental disorders must be helped.

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