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Proper Diagnosis Necessary for Aspergers in Women

Aspergers syndrome, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or any other autism spectrum disorder for that matter is most usually diagnosed in males. Aspergers in women is a rarity owing to which most doctors never try to diagnose for autism related disorders in women who complain of the same symptoms that men exhibit when suffering from the same disorder.

It is necessary to interpret the problem in women correctly, for there is every chance that they can go untreated.

Aspergers in Women: A thesis published by the University of Gothenberg (Sweden) has revealed some harsh facts related to autism and aspergers in women.

  • The study involved 100 girls who sought medical help for problems related to social interaction and concentration levels at school. The girls were referred to¬† pediatric neuropsychiatric experts at the Sahlgrenska University hospital (Sweden).
  • The girls faced both behavioural and developmental problems in their initial stages of life and their parents approached various doctors for medical help, but unfortunately there was no proper diagnosis that detected the underlying problem.
  • At the Sahlgrenska University hospital, these girls were asked to undertake a few psychological and psychiatric tests which proved that almost half the girls were suffering from either autism or autism related disorders like Aspergers syndrome. The other half of the girls were diagnosed with ADHD.
  • When compared to normally performing females, the performance of these girls in the psychological and psychiatric tests was found to be severely impaired. The social skills and the motor skills were severely affected in these 100.

Problems Faced by Women with Aspergers: It was understood that most of the girls suffering from aspergers, ADHD and other autism spectrum disorders were victims of constant bullying at school. Also, they avoided sports and tried to avoid school whenever possible.

  • Apart from the usual problems associated with autism and aspergers, the girls also had to suffer from various other neurological, psychiatric and developmental problems.
  • Problems like depression, anxiety, problems with reading and writing skills and other behavioural disorders (especially social interactions) were noticed.
  • Also, girls suffering from ADHD got addicted to smoking.

Symptoms of aspergers in women and also other autism spectrum disorders need to be taken into consideration seriously. Given the technology and treatment options available, it is necessary that health professionals pay attention to the social disorders in women.

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