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Helping Children with Autism Using an iPad

The use of an iPad for communicating with autistic children is slowly on the rise. Helping children with autism communicate through an electronic visual device is proving to be a great idea.

Previously there was the app Grace that could be used on the iPad for communication, but now there is a character therapy program that makes use of an internet robot-Popchilla for testing the abilities of these children.

Helping Children with Autism: Interbots Inc., Pittsburgh in collaboration with the Autism Center of Pittsburgh have now developed an internet robot that can be used as a means of therapy for children suffering from autism.

  • Children who suffer from either no verbal skills or limited capabilities can be tested and helped by using this robot.
  • It has been established that children with autism are more comfortable while communicating with a non-living entity than speak to a normal adult or a child.
  • In order to understand what the child needs, it is important that we speak to them in the way they prefer.
  • The use of technology can be useful in bridging the gap between the child’s world and the parents world.

Popchilla: This particular character therapy is right now being used by trained therapists.

  • The therapists can control the robot through the app on the iPad and supervise the child’s sessions.
  • The child would slowly be trained to use the app by himself/herself which then can be used to identify emotions.
  • This internet robot, Popchilla can identify the emotions that the child is going through and convey the same back to the child in a manner the child can associate with.
  • The reciprocation from the machine can help a child control his/her behavioural frustrations.

With the lack of proper diagnostic techniques and treatment options, helping children with autism is throwing up new challenges for every parent. These interactive robots and technology can help parents understand the child’s emotions there by making it possible to close the gap between the kid and the parent.

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