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Diagnosing Autism in 15 Minutes

Most people who suffer from autism spectrum disorders often do not receive the appropriate treatment due to the lack of efficient diagnosis. Diagnosing autism related disorders is done usually by manual behavioural tests which quiet often than not yield improper results.

Scientists from the United Kingdom have now come up with a brain scan diagnosis that can help diagnose autism in a mere 15 minutes.

Diagnosing Autism Using Brain Scan: A group of psychiatrists from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College, London have published a paper about this brain scan diagnosis technique in The Journal of Neuroscience (11 August edition).

  • This diagnosis of the adult brain can be done in 15 minutes and the results from the diagnosis are nearly accurate (more than 90 percent accuracy).
  • The scan is now being developed to be used for testing the broad spectrum disorders of autism in children.
  • The scanning of the brain was done using MRI and other 3D imaging devices to study any changes that could have occurred in the Grey matter’s (important component of central nervous system) anatomy.
  • Shape, structure and thickness of the Grey matter was observed in order to identify any indicators of autism related disorders.

The Study: The initial trial involved studying the brains of 59 adult males aging between 20-68. Out of the 59, 20 males were suffering from disorders related to autism, 19 were suffering from ADHD and the rest were healthy.

  • The participants first underwent the traditional diagnostics of autism like IQ test, blood test and physical test.
  • The traditional tests were followed with the new diagnosis involving 3D imaging.
  • The latter (based on biological markers) technique was found to produce rapid results over the traditional techniques.

Diagnosing autism in 15 minutes can bring about a complete makeover in the lives of the patients who otherwise would have to face both the emotional and financial stress of the orthodox techniques.

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