Speech Therapy

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disabilities can hamper the growth of intelligence, body part functions and functions of the systems within the body. Intellectual and developmental disabilities are vivid when the brain is still growing or developing. So, a person is vulnerable to developmental disorders from birth until the age of twenty two.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Developmental disabilities affect theA� nervous system, the sensory organs in the body, degenerative disorders and also affect the metabolism in the body. A person’s speech is usually affected when there is a nervous system disorder or a sensory organ disorder.

Let us look at some of the speech affecting disorders.

Nervous System Disorders: The following are the disorders that disrupt the functioning of the central nervous system there by affecting speech and motor functions.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Parents who suffer from psychiatric and hypertension problems also pass the same to the foetus. A child born with ADHD would lack concentration and is always in a hyperactive state.

Autism: The exact cause for this disorder is not known, but autism can be caused by genetic, neural or environmental issues. Children who suffer from autism would develop behavioural problems along with speech disorders.

Cerebral Palsy: A disorder that develops when the foetus is developing in the mother’s womb. Intake of alcohol or drugs and smoking by mothers during pregnancy can lead to this disorder in children. Motor disorders and disability along with speech and language problems are the main issues of this disorder.

Bipolar Disorder: The exact cause of this disorder is still not evident but is considered to be hereditary by a few doctors. Persons suffering from this disorder can vary his/her moods. Once they can be hyperactive while another moment they might be in a depression.

Dyslexia: One of the most commonly occurring developmental problems in children today. The brain cannot translate images and sounds into language in this disorder. Understanding language and symmetry, problem solving and math problems would be really difficult for these children.

Degenerative Disorder: These disorders are usually known to develop at an older age. Rett syndrome, usually affects women at an older age. Girls who possess this syndrome would not have any issues when growing up, but as they get older, the mental growth would be severely affected.

Intellectual and developmental disabilities cannot be ailed permanently. But, special therapies can help individuals suffering from these disabilities lead a better life.

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