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Autism Supplements-Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals

Apart from holding therapies for behavioural modification in children suffering from autism, one has to also address the underlying health condition. Autism supplements can be very useful for improving the nutrient content in people suffering from autism spectrum disorders.

Let us look at some of the vitamin, mineral and enzyme supplements available in the market that can boost the levels of these nutrients which in turn can boost the brain’s functioning.

Autism Supplements: The following supplements are promoted by Autism Coach and are considered to be both safe and effective for children with autism problems. Even the siblings of autistic children who might be exhibiting autistic tendencies can take these supplements.

  • These supplements are not allergic and can be taken in the form of liquids or mixed with food even for those who have problems with gluten and casein.
  • Both adults and children who suffer from dyspraxia, dyslexia and ADHD can use these nutrient supplements.

Enzymes: These enzymes can be useful for breaking down food which otherwise is usually a problem in autistic children.

  • A survey conducted by Autism Coach has revealed that the two enzymes Peptizyde and Zyme Prime could benefit almost 90 percent (out of 260 tested) autistic children.
  • These two enzymes can also be used by children who are on a selective carbohydrate diet or who have fruit allergies.
  • The right mix of these enzymes is available in both enhancement and digestive forms and can be taken as liquids or by mixing into food for those who have a problem with swallowing capsules.

Electrolyte Solution and Minerals: Children who suffer from autism have issues related to intestinal dysfunction which could cause chronic dehydration.

  • The electrolyte solution can be mixed with food during intake to avoid any dehydration and digestion issues. Bear in mind to take Vitamin C along with the drinks in order to encourage absorption.
  • At the same time mineral supplements can be mixed (especially Vitamin C) with water or juices.

Vitamins: B12 and B6 vitamins are essential for improved level of functioning in autism patients.

  • Methyl B12, folinic acid, B-complex-50 (which also contains B-1, B-2 and B-6 in co-enzyme forms), Allithiamine are a few supplements for vitamins.

Apart from the above mentioned autism supplements for enzymes, minerals and vitamins, one might also consume cod liver oil in the form of capsules for gaining essential fatty acids (like omega-3 and omega-6).

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