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Educating Children With Autism

The number of children who suffer from autism spectrum disorders is increasing day by day. With the increasing number, increasing is the difficulty of educating children with autism. Improving the social skills is the foremost thing to do so that these children can excel both in education and at workplace.

Educating Children with Autism: A new virtual classroom curriculum which aims at developing social competitiveness in children who suffer from autism is being developed at the University of Missouri. This curriculum is sure to help both teachers and students in a huge way.

The focus of this curriculum is purely upon the the symptoms (behavioural issues, concentration problems) of autism related disorders. Through this focus, an intervention program with the child’s development can be established and a more personalised approach in teaching can be possible.

The Main Issues: Autistic children or the ones who suffer from associated disorders exhibit three major traits-

  1. communication difficulties
  2. repetitive behaviours
  3. lack of social skills

The lack of social skills is primarily responsible for a poor academic performance in these children. This trait varies from child to child and it is thus, essential that any curriculum addresses each child specifically. This is where most programs fail to make an impact.

This particular model aims at trying to rectify the issue with the previous models and caters to the needs of every individual child.

For instance, a child who suffers from high-functioning autism cannot-

  • manage goals and objectives
  • regulate emotions
  • understand other’s feelings.

This curriculum in such children would encourage deciphering facial expressions, in problem solving and in idea sharing.

Advantage: The first advantage is for the parents of these children. There are several virtual classroom programs available in the market which cater to different needs of a child. But when it comes to choosing a program, parents are often confused.

Schools can now implement this program and put them to good use for children who need special attention.

This program is being developed by Janine Stitcher and her team of researchers at the MU College of education. Educating children with autism could now be done more efficiently with the help of this program.

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  1. thanks for what i have learn in you paper , but you have base only in Europe and America, does this curriculum help childen in Korea ,China, and Africa due to enviromental and economic gap they have

    • Sir/Ma’am

      This article is aimed to help everyone who is in need of it. It is not for some specific regions.

      Thank you.

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