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High Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome

According to one of the papers published in the Autism Today journal, high functioning asperger’s syndrome is often neglected on the psychological, medical and psychiatric levels. Any kind of neglect on the three fronts could easily lead to a misdiagnosis which could further delay treatment or sometimes even ignored.

High Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome: People who suffer from autism exhibit behavioural tendencies like hand flapping, resistance towards new activities et. Also, they might suffer from sensitivities with any of their sense organs.

  • The point to understand here is, the disorders related with autism are so diverse and so broad that all autistic patients do not possess the same traits. Based on their traits, they can be diagnosed for the disorder they are actually suffering from.
  • One such disorder is asperger’s syndrome which is actually at the high end of the spectrum as far as autistic disorders are concerned.

Characteristics: People who suffer from the high end autism possess specific characteristics like-

  • intelligence being average or above average
  • lack social communication skills
  • cannot meet the eye directly
  • stick to very rigid routines
  • depression and anxiety
  • difficulty in sensory processing
  • pedantic speech (a kind of lecturing)
  • repetitive responses or thought making

These above mentioned characteristics of high functioning aspies cause severe problems to them in the society and there is every chance that the amount of criticism they receive draws them closer to failure. For every single criticism they face, a hundred compliments would be required to boost their confidence again.

High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s: The debate about the similarity or the differences between autism and asperger’s is a long standing one. While some characteristics are definitely similar to each other a few also differ.

  • While some researchers argue that one of the major difference between the two disorders is a language delay, some say the difference is in their neuropsychological functioning.
  • But, even today, these differences are not concrete as the possibility to differentiate between the two syndromes is still tough.

For a high functioning asperger’s syndrome child to develop into an independent individual, it is necessary to properly diagnose and intervene with a suitable therapy. Well, easier said than done!

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