Speech Therapy

Early Intervention Speech Therapy during Education at School

Children who develop any speech delays or face problems with language development must be helped immediately. Early intervention speech therapy for young children aims at improving the cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social skills in a child who could face early problems.

The Targets: Early intervention speech therapy aims at doing the following-

  • help identify practices (instructional and curriculum based) that would improve the cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social skills.
  • develop new and modify any existing curricula along with developing a professional teaching approach for children who have problems with cognitive and linguistic skills.
  • provide enough evidence about the modified pre-school curriculum and its efficacy in helping children with speech and language problems.
  • develop assessment tools that can be useful for monitoring children who would exhibit traits of any cognitive or speech issues.

The above targets of the intervention program are important for bringing any improvement in the child’s problems.

Speech Disorders and Speech Therapy: There are various forms in which speech disorders might surface- stuttering or stammering, speech delays that could occur in childhood, cleft palates, congenital defects, injuries or paralysis can lead to problems with speech.

  • In case speech problems exist, there is also a possibility that the child might develop problems with hearing too and the vice-versa scenario is also equally possible. Any problems related to speech or hearing may either be psychological or physiological.
  • This is where the role of a speech therapist is utmost important. A speech therapist can help children who are not capable of producing any more speech by teaching sign language in order to help communicate.
  • Also, children who stutter or stammer are trained to improve their articulation and diction skills.
  • Not only speech problems, but a speech therapist can deal with hearing issues as well. Children who have a problem with their hearing can be taught to lip-read .

Early intervention speech therapy can be both home-based and school based. The main intention of these therapies is to create a positive behavioural pattern so that the child can succeed in his/her academics.

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