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Educating Children With Autism

It has always been thought of that teaching autistic children in a classroom alongside normal children was never practical. But, educating children with autism alongside other normal peers has become increasingly possible with more and more knowledge being gained about the symptoms of autism and its related disorders.

Educating Children with Autism: Dr.Rita Jordan, professor at the Birmingham University draws attention to wards the fact that every autistic child is different from another autistic in the same way as normal child is different from the other. Also, spotting traits of autism in children during early stages of development is very difficult.

Let us look at some tips useful for teaching children with autism alongside their normal peers.

  • It is important to speak clearly and slowly in order to make sure that the child has understood what is being said. Only after this would the teacher have to continue.
  • Also, one has to make sure that anything that would distract a child while being taught is removed.
  • One very important thing to do is address the child with their names while speaking to them. This way they would know that they are being spoken to.
  • If a child is confused about any question asked, make sure the question is repeated in exactly the same way again. Never rephrase as it would only leave the child confused.
  • It is important to use the words that the child understands while speaking to them or while questioning them. When planning to use any new words, it is mandatory that the child is taught about them first.
  • Always maintain a friendly and neutral tone while teaching.
  • When instructing a child, use time connectives like first, then and next.
  • Apart from using verbals, written or visual modes of teaching are also very important while teaching.
  • Always make sure that the child knows what he/she is doing during a classroom activity. It is important that they understand which ones are mandatory and which ones are optional.

In educating children with autism, the duty of the teacher is not only to do a clear instructing but he/she should also make sure that the child is responding. This would take a while to happen, but it is mandatory that the teaching is interactive.

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