Speech Therapy

Music Therapy for Autism

If not all, many children who suffer from autism possess verbal impairments. Apart from speech therapy, music therapy for autism can be very useful for improving speech in autistic children. A music therapist can recognise a child’s needs for social interaction and design games based on music sessions to encourage interaction along with eye contact in the child.

Music Therapy for Autism: The developmental games when combined with music, interaction and songs can be very useful in improving the child’s overall learning, emotional and social skills. Also, this therapy is utmost effective for improving expressive speech in these children.

Therapy Techniques: Speech in children is more fluent and improved when produced in a rhythm. Singing words and sentences in a rhythmic fashion can improve speech considerably. When games are played along with music in a group, it is very helpful in improving social interaction along with improving communication and eye contact.

Features: Before hiring a music therapist for your child, it is important that his/her qualifications are first assessed. It is necessary that the therapist has had prior training in psychology, music and special education. Also, it is necessary that the therapist possesses enough experience in dealing with children.

Benefits: Somehow, many autistic children have an unusual ear for music. They can pick up vocals or any instrument quite quickly when compared to most normal people. This response and inclination towards music is a stepping stone for these children which music therapists work with.

  • Since there is no stress of learning a sign language or any other from of non-verbal communication, the ease with which kids can exercise enables a stress free environment for them.
  • Also, children suffering from autism, who would have completely lost their speech respond to musical activities positively.
  • Any stress on monotonic speech patterns in autistic children can be reduced through music therapy.
  • Most importantly, music reaches to these kids in a more profound manner than any other therapy or sign language.

Music therapy for autism can be a very important tool for improving speech in children who have not yet lost their ability to speak completely.

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