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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Autism

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is very useful for scuba divers in order to deal with the oxygen bubbles in their blood stream. Of late, hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism has also been proved to be very useful. Many new-age therapists and doctors are actually recommending HBOT for treating autistic children.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Autism: Though a traditional approach for many scuba divers who suffer from bends, recent studies and researches have been able to show that HBOT can also be used to treat brain injuries and any associated developmental disorders.

  • Hyperbaric therapy can bring improvements in an autistic child by increasing the brain’s intake of oxygen there by reducing any inflammation in the brain. Also, this therapy can reduce any hypo-perfusion (oxygen deficiency) in the brain.
  • This supply of oxygen to the brain is prompting more and more parents of autistic children to adopt oxygen therapy as a treatment option. Not just autism, but all the autism spectrum disorders patients are being put on hyperbaric chambers to stimulate tissue generation and increase increase oxygen supply to vital organs.
  • This therapy has been tested and traits like verbal communication lacking, direct eye contact issues, impaired motor skills, lack of ability to reason, lack of attention and balance and aggressive behaviour were improved in these patients.
  • Children who suffer from autism are often diagnosed with toxic mercury levels along with metals like arsenic and aluminium in higher quantities in the body. These metals can interfere with the neuron functioning. Oxygen therapy is very useful in repairing the neurons and restoring their function in autistic children.
  • Another advantage with these hyperbaric chambers is the comfort they offer. A child need not be left alone during the therapy and there is enough room for a parent as well in the chamber. Some chambers even come with screens which can be used to watch a movie as well.

There is still some debate about the efficacy and the side-effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism. Also, the therapy sessions can be too dear to afford for a few parents. But, it is an option to consider nevertheless.

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