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Ideas for Child Speech Therapy

It is important to make speech therapy sessions as interactive and as interesting as possible. These new ideas for child speech therapy just aim to do that. Redundant and repetitive therapy sessions would only frustrate and bore the child. New ideas are thus, necessary to motivate the child from time to time.

Ideas for Child Speech Therapy: Let us look at a few techniques that speech therapists can implement in their sessions.

Sharing: While conducting group therapy sessions to produce a target sound, ask every child to point out any errors in the sounds produced by their peers. This helps in motivating the child to correct and also increases the concentration skills in a child.

Chewing Gum: Most children have a problem producing ‘r’ sound. Trying to produce the ‘r’ sound while chewing gum is a great idea. Energetic chewing of the gum exercises and moves the tongue well allowing it to adapt different positions which is very important for articulation.

Word Board: Every child has a specific problem in producing various words. Mark those words on a board with the child’s name next to it. Every morning when the child walks in for therapy, ask him/her to practise the same until they get them right. Once they have no more problem with them ask them to remove them from the board.

Move Places: Instead of making the child sit in the same place or desk daily, move their places based on their level of improvement. One way of doing this is to arrange various stations in the room designated to various therapy stages. Move the child to the respective station across the room once he/she is through one stage of therapy.

Cues: In order to make a child attentive in the class, cues can be very useful. Any child, even in a normal classroom would wander away for a while. During therapy sessions, in order to grab the attention of a child using cues such as music or various sounds (like clapping) would allow him/her to know that that they need to get ready for an activity.

The more interesting and innovative the child speech therapy sessions are, the quicker and better would be the possibility of their speech improvement.

P.S. To be continued.

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