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Ideas for Child Speech Therapy

Let us extend on our ideas for child speech therapy further more.

Basket: This is a very fun way of ending a child speech therapy session. Once a child finishes his/her worksheet of the day, take the paper, crumble it and try putting a basket into the thrash can. This would symbolise that the session is over and the child has also completed his/her work. Make the child leave the room with an applause.

Standing Tall: Going through a drill of word lists can be really boring for a child. One can make this drill interesting by asking the child to stand up on his/her respective desk and then do the drill. This way the child can  have fun by looking at the faces of his/her peers while doing the drill.

Online Stuttering: Most children who stutter or stammer always have a complex that they could be the only ones suffering from the problem. Introducing such children to the online stuttering or stammering communities  can be very useful in helping them get rid of their complex. They can also be allowed to share their experiences allowing the speech therapists to develop new strategies for overcoming their speech irregularity.

The Positives: Children who stutter cannot realise that the problem they have is a very tiny one when compared to the rest of the attributes that they possess. Therapists can ask their students (who stutter) to compile a list of attributes (with the help of their parents) that best describes them.

The next day, in the classroom, write the child’s name on the board and write down all the listed attributes not to forget that he/she also stutters. Now from the big list that describes the child, tell the child that stuttering is a meagre issue when compared to many other qualities he/she possesses.

Simon Says: This technique can be used to teach children plural words. For instance, you can start with, “Simon says mouse” by showing them the picture of a mouse. Then, teach the child to complete by asking him/her to say, “I say mice” by showing a picture consisting of more than one mouse.

Many more ideas for child speech therapy to follow in the next article.

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