Speech Therapy

Child Speech Therapy

Let us look at some more child speech therapy ideas.

Guess the Word: A very easy to use and implement child speech therapy game is “guess the word”. Write a word on a see through paper and keep the front towards you. Ask the child to guess the word, which he/she is going to do correctly anyway. The children would love getting thing right and this way their confidence and interest in the sessions can be increased.

Flash Images: Going through the same drill over and over again can bore a child. Instead, show just a tiny flash of a picture and ask the child to guess the word. Make sure that the child is looking and vary the speed based on his/her requirement. This not only adds an interesting feature to the session but also improves the reflexes in them.

Hallway Assignment: When children finish one class and are off to the next class, ask them to finish an assignment while changing rooms. Let the assignment be a conversation between the group or two children. This way they can improve their communication and group activity skills.

Say Good Bye: After the class is finished, do not let the children leave the class immediately. Ask them to whisper to you two or three words that come to their mind before leaving.

Echo: Coffee cans can be used as a means of instruction too. During routine word drill sessions, ask the child to look at the picture and then say the word into the coffee can. This would set off an echo which the children would also enjoy and find interesting. This encourages the child to get along with his/her practice with much more zeal.

End of Term: Ask children on the term’s final day to do any activity they wish to. Children come up with their own creative ideas and accomplish tasks. Place all their works into separate envelopes with their names on each envelope. When they come back from their holidays, they can open these and get encouraged by looking at their creativity.

More child speech therapy ideas will be added in the next article.

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