Speech Therapy

Ideas for Child Speech Therapy

Let us continue with the ideas for child speech therapy.

First Thing in the Morning: In the mornings of a child speech therapy class-it might not be possible for the teacher to begin straight away. In such cases, one might choose to pre-plan an activity that the kids can manage without the help of teachers. For instance, you can ask them to write down their weekend activities or write a word on the board and ask them to find a few rhyming words related to the word.

Need for Speed: Give a list of 25 pictures or 25 words and time them for their reading speed. Set a time-out and each child who finishes at least one second before the time is out would get a reward.

Other Skills: Along with regular speech and language activities, kids should also be trained in other special activities like problem solving, cooking, laundry, initiating a conversation, career planning, telephonic skills and about foods.

Progress Charts: It is important to have individual progress charts for each child in the class. The charts would have a graphical representation of the child’s progress after each session. This way, the child can assess for himself/herself about the progress.

Flexible Activities: Not always do children want to work on an activity that has been instructed by someone else. They might want to work on some other activity. In such cases, it is better to be flexible with the child. Since progress charts are available anyway, the child’s progress can be monitored.

Self-Advocacy: Children who suffer from autism spectrum disorders need to be taught self-advocacy and being independent. Hence, it is important in speech therapy sessions to promote these skills as well as supervise these in real time.

Social Activities: This activity is both fun and useful for children to get involved in groups. Children can take up activities like cooking and invite their friends and parents to the activity.

More child speech therapy techniques to continue.

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