Speech Therapy

Voice Coaching for Trans Genders

Both men and women are differentiated by their voice. The natural pitch of the two genders is genuinely variant from each other. This is a natural instinct that comes by birth and no voice coaching is necessary to make them sound different. But, this would not be the case with transgenders. They would need the help of a speech language pathologist in order to sound in the right and safe manner.

Voice Coaching for Transgenders: Coming to the natural pitch of men and women, it is evident from the speech of the two that men speak at a lower pitch while women speak at a higher pitch. Also, women would use longer sentences and animated gestures during their speech while men would arrive at their point with much shorter sentences.

  • So, for people who choose to become transgenders it can be a while before they can adapt to the natural tendencies of the opposite sex. Especially, transgenders should be careful about the voice their future voice modulation.
  • A Genetical Re-constructive Surgery (GRS) is necessary for one to become a transgender. The standards of this surgery are maintained by the HBIGDA (Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association) and according to their standards, it is necessary that people who wish to undergo the GRS should see a psychologist for at least 2 years before the surgery.
  • Seeing a psychologist would help these people live the life of the opposite sex and would help their voice and communication in the process.

What does a Speech Language Pathologist Work On?: Speech therapists or pathologists help with the transformation of male to female speech and also the other way around. Vocal pitch, resonance and intonation (rhythm) and other non-verbal communication techniques are addressed by the therapist.

The following techniques aspects of speech are addressed by the therapist-

  • resonance
  • pitch
  • intonation
  • language
  • speech rate
  • intensity and volume of the speech
  • pragmatics (social rules)
  • speech articulation

Voice coaching for transgenders would help them get rid of any vocal abuse which can be caused as a result of alteration in intensity and pitch of the sound.

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