Speech Therapy

Online Speech Therapy

Traditional speech therapy techniques involve either a one-to-one session or group therapy sessions with a trained speech language pathologist. Online speech therapy on the other hand, is done with virtual help. Also, there are many benefits associated with a virtual session. Find out if online speech therapy is the right option for your child or close one.

What to Have?: First things first, for training virtually, one needs to possess either a desktop or laptop at home. If you are using a desktop, you should make sure that there are speakers that enable sound output.

Since the therapy is going to be done online, an internet connection is necessary (preferably a high speed one). A headset and web-cam would also be essential.

What to Consider?: Obviously, the first thing to consider would be the cost. When compared to traditional sessions, online or virtual sessions cost lesser. Also, see if there is any insurance cover available to purchase this (highly unlikely of course), if not the cost for the session would be out of your own pocket.

  • Secondly, one needs to assess the need of the session and what aspects of the online session are going to help your loved one. For instance, children who are very young are not likely to benefit from this kind of a session and also ones with feeding problems would not garner anything out of this.
  • Although, articulation of speech, communication disorder issues, language problems, fluency and voice issues can be dealt with effectively using this style of therapy.

How to Choose?: The best way to start a search -A� Google. Simply type in what you require and there would be a list of websites that can be explored to know the programs they offer. Some online sessions also send web-cam and headset when a package is subscribed.

  • Short-list the ones you feel best (utmost two) and contact the concerned with your queries. Find out the rates, times of the session, length of the sessions, what specific aspects your child needs help in et.
  • Some websites also offer virtual tours or trial sessions to help clients choose their package. You may also consider doing this just to get a better idea.

Online speech therapy provides the same benefits as an experienced speech pathologist does and also saves a lot of time for both you and the child.

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