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Websites for Online Speech Therapy

There are many websites available for online speech therapy. Apart from offering activities and games for children, these websites also cater to the needs of adults who need speech therapy post an accident or a stroke. Parents can learn various exercises that can be taught to their children, adults with speech impediments will also have a lot to take away from these websites.

It is necessary to seek a speech language pathologist’s opinion about the type of impairment your child or relative suffers from before choosing a website for online speech therapy sessions.

Instructional Websites: These instructional websites would particularly help parents of children with speech impairments or problems. Simple exercises like word repetition are taught on these websites that the parent can teach a child to do at home. tinyeye.com is one such instructional website that can help parents a lot.

  • brighthub.com is one website that offers simple and effective exercises that are described  in words. Parents can learn tools of teaching such as helping a child practise the sounds and of letters. Also, these exercises would teach a child to write letters while twisting in the same form as the letter.
  • angelfire.com and aacintervention.com are two websites that are run by parents of children who suffer from speech impairments. These websites offer various useful resources for parents.

Basic Activities Websites: There are several websites that allow children to play games as part of speech therapy sessions. These games involve crosswords, scrambles and several other word games that offer both therapy and fun to a child. Articulation and sounds can be effectively taught to children through these websites. Instead of playing online, these games can be downloaded as well.

  • juniorsweb.com is one website that offers such games for children.
  • quia.com/web is a website owned by a speech therapist from  Wisconsin that contains articulation related games for children. These games can help a child proiduce the right speech and correct any problems with speaking.
  • earobica.com contains games that improve pronunciations and spellings.
  • psbkids.org has games that can teach children to put words in the proper sequence while speaking.

Some Sophisticated Websites: These websites are for high functioning children or adults who have speech impediments.

  • speechtx.com contais activities that can help adults witrh problems post a stroke. “What if” questions and small discussions are available on this site that can help with word processing difficulties.
  • members.tripod.com/caroline_bowen contains word list that can help with phonetics and pronunciation of consonants.

The above mentioned websites are just a few good ones of the several available for online speech therapy.

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