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Individualised Education Plan – Goals for Autistic Students

Children who need special education are most unlikely to receive it in a public school. An individualised education plan is a legal document that is prepared to the cater to the child’s educational needs. “Free access to appropriate education” is a mandate according to Federal law for every child. So, parents of autistic children should look into this plan in order to get the best of their available rights.

Individualised Education Plan: The development of proper individual goals for children lies in the hands of the parents.Proper research from the parent’s side is necessary to see that the children develop the right goals which in turn would develop their children’s quality of education. An individual plan would enable autistic children receive same benefits as any other child.

This plan is developed by both the school and the parents after a proper assessment of the child’s autism levels. The best thing is that this plan varies from child to child. Based on the inputs from the parents, measurable goals are set for the child so that the development can be tracked.

Importance of the Goals: It is only through these measurable goals that both the effectiveness of the individualised plan and the progress of the child can be monitored.

If the child’s progress is satisfactory, his/her plan is suiting the needs properly. If it is otherwise, the plan would be to be reorganised in the next academic year, so that it benefits the progress of the child.

How to Develop These Goals?: All the areas in the child that have been affected by autism and need improvement have to be categorised into goals. These categories should have both progressive as well as annual objectives. The child’s parents, therapist and teachers have a role to play while setting these objectives.

The main areas that have to be addressed are-

  • communication in the child
  • social skills of the child
  • any activities that would prove useful in teaching the child
  • proper learning routines

A well processed individualised education plan can improve a child’s cognitive, social, communication and motor skills tremendously.

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